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SG SystemsTM / QuickBooksTM Plug-in

The "SG SystemsTM / QuickBooksTM Plug-in" is a software interface used between the traceability software SG SystemsTM and the accounting software QuickBooksTM. The plug-in actively exports:

  • QB Customers export to SG Customers
  • QB Vendors export to SG Suppliers
  • QB Items export to SG as SG Finished Goods and SG Commodities (Raw Ingredients, Packaging)
  • QB Purchase Orders export to SG Purchase Orders
  • QB Sales Orders export to SG Sales Orders
  • SG shipping to customer exported to QB as a QB Invoice while linking the QB Invoice to the original QB Sales Order
  • QB receiving exported to QB as QB Items Received without Bill to await arrival of the vendors bill


Purchase Plans and Optional Modules.


Plug-in Support Plans.

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** (1) Requires client designated folder on server where both Plug-in and Client PC have full access. Contact us for more details. **

QuickBooks is a trademark of Intuit Inc.. SG Systems is a trademark of SG Systems LLC.